MR Sport is a manufacturing company founded in 2007 from the passion of Mauro Castaldello for cycling and endurance sport.

Specialized on production of clothes for cycling, triathlon, running, trail running, swim-run and swimming, MR sport produce technical garments truly "Made in Italy".

Supply chain is located only and exclusively in Italy: from high quality fabric choice made by italians company, till cutting, printing, manufacturing that will be achieved in his own laboratory in Santa Maria di Sala.

All models are exclusive projects, with continous updating and improvement because of the feedback of Athletes e and Teams. Availablity of modelists, designer and possibility to check every step of supply chain guarantee to MR Sport to respond to all demanding. 

All above enable MR Sport to become leader in Italy in the production of triathlon suit, wearing the best athletes also in RIO Olimpic games; to sponsorized professional MTB team and UCI Road Continental team. For running part was a partner of big event like Maratonina Città Murata in Cittadella,Dogi's Half Marathon, Schio City Jungle. 

“Follow Your Road” is the mission of the company. Always guarantee Garantire the best quality for the performance, best comfort for techincal garments to help every athlete to follow his own road and achieve his own goal!