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    189Il tessuto Tek Mesh microforato leggerissimo con un altissima componente di microfibra contribuisce a migliorare la traspirazione durante lo sforzo prolungato delle lunghe uscite in bici. La componente interna di lycra migliora l'elasticita e la vestibilità garantendo il massimo comfort. La banda elastica di 5cm giro manica e giro vita migliorano la vestibilità del capo.

  • Mantovani

    Do you remember what it is like to be cruising on the boulevard and catching fresh spring wind on the shiny and chromed old school bike? We adore that unforgettable feeling that takes your breath away when you are rolling down from the steep hill. Bikes were our founder’s love from the 2nd grade (the time when his parents bought him his first Black Flash city bike). Since that time he’s decided to open his own store that would sell everything that is connected with bikes. So, as you can see dreams come true and today we’re glad to welcome you at our Bike Store.

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Mostrando 1 - 2 di 2 articoli